We definately could have used Peja tonight, and felt like we just were too panicked in the last minute starting with FJones terrible turnover. We could have gotten a better open shot with Peja. I did have a problem with our D though. Lebron was just dominating Freddie all night long. Why couldn't they just put Granger on Lebron more than we did Freddie --That would be a great matchup and a more equal one instead of FJones. They did a great job though and I'm glad they hung in there the whole game instead of giving up after halftime/3rd quarter like their last game.

Also, I think it's time for JTinsley to be traded. What did he not play because tonight? Didn't he just get a mosquito bite on his elbow? He's turning into another head case also, and I think we should ship him back to the ghetto along with SJaxon for Curry/Ariza. I'm fine with Saranus running the pg position.