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Thread: Here's a possibility - Rick may quit

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    Rick has never been a quitter, he was willing and planning to coach a third year in Detroit, as a lame duck, before they fired him, and I don't see him quitting now.

    The only way I see him resigning is if he, DW and LB all come together and decide it is the best thing for the franchise, then I think he would resign. Honestly, I would not blame him at all if he decided to walk away after the past two years of this, it is unbelievable what we have been through and Rick is not the cause of this drama. If we feel so angry and awful as fans what must it be like for Rick?

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    If I was Rick I would have to think about quitting. The team has obviously quit and I would be talking to Bird and Walsh and telling them that I need players who are going to give effort every night, not quit playing when they get down by 10+ points, which this team does nightly. I would tell them that a wholesale housecleaning is needed. I would tell them that I want a young group I could develop and who are coachable. I want high basketball IQ guys from winning programs. I want athletes who are willing to get down and do the dirty work. I want guys who are durable and have great off season habits and take care of themselves. I tell them that the only guys I want off the current roster are Fred Jones, Danny Granger, Austin Croshere, Sarunas, Jeff Foster and Anthony Johnson. I tell them I want them to trade everyone else for young talent or draft picks. I guarantee them that if they draft players with my criteria that I will match this group of quitter's record next year and I will have this team back to a championship contender level within 3 years. I tell them that I can't coach a group of quitters which is what this team is consisted of and it's either them or me.
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    Ricks Dream Team


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