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Thread: The Dawn Of A New Day!

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    Default The Dawn Of A New Day!

    GOOD MORNING PACERS FANS! Welcome to the first day of the rest of our lives. Yes, yesterday sucked, but its gone now. oof: The time has come to start anew.

    Gone: The 21-20 start
    Now it's the start of the 2nd half of the season (or, if you prefer, the 2nd half of the 2nd season that Ron Artest ruined). I prefer to think of it as a fresh start, 0-0.

    It's like in the episode of "The White Shadow" where Carver High was playing an exhibition game against some Euro team. In the first half the teams played under the Euro rules and Carver got its butt kicked. What's a poor coach to do? Well, Coach Reeves told his team to think of the 2nd half as a new game, the score 0-0. What happened next? The teams played the half with American rules. Carver High went out and spanked Euro fannies.

    Gone: Ron Artest
    Well, he's still technically a Pacer, but since he's never actually at a game we can pretend, can't we? Samaki Walker is gone and if the Pacers would ever take his name off his locker maybe the team would be able to forget him and move on. (I don't have video proof that his name remains, but in a recent post game interview in the Pacers locker room Austin was standing beside a locker with Walker's name still on it.)

    Ask not what the Pacers will do for you...
    Don't waste your time coming up with trade scenarios. It's not your job. The Simons pay other people to do that. Whether the Simons are getting their money's worth for that service is their problem, not yours.

    Don't demand a trade:Artest tried that already. Look how well that's worked so far.

    Ask what you can do for the Pacers.
    Think positively! Be supportive! We got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit, how 'bout you!
    (Been there. Done that. Got rid of my season tickets.)

    The time has come for radical thinking, Pacers Fans!
    Change you avatar. Change your sig. Change your screen name. Change your sexual orientation for all I care. Think outside the box.

    Members of Pacers Digest unite!
    We need to show the Pacers players how to overcome mind numbing, bone chilling, (or in the case of JO-groin straining) adversity.

    I've done my part. I changed my avatar. Pig Nash is now renting my sig space (on a month to month basis. I'll start accepting new bids in 21 days-PMs only please.) And, as my outside the box-supreme sacrifice I have also changed my allegiance:


    For those who think me a traitor might I remind you that Anthem offered me as trade bait.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anthem
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    This whole season is her fault.
    Therefore, I'm taking one for the team and throwing my curse the Bulls' way.

    You can thank me later.

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    Default Re: The Dawn Of A New Day!

    Rock on Grace!

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    Default Re: The Dawn Of A New Day!

    I've recently been thinking about becoming a Boobcats fan since I live in Charlotte. At least they are expected to lose....

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