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Thread: Things We Can Do With Ron Artest...

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    Default Things We Can Do With Ron Artest...

    Just a few ideas:

    Send him to a contender. I can guarentee that no team in the league will win a championship with Ron Artest as a member of their playing squad. I say we send him to Detroit.

    Let him play for the Pacers, while simultaneously conducted an all out psychological war on him. I can guarentee that with the right impetus Ron will go full on berserk in less than 30 days and do something stupid enough to have him suspended from the league for life. I like this option best, as it will allow me to maximize the entertainment of this season.

    Send him to the NBDL or Europe. Let him "dominate" there, and try to do the same as above.

    Have him work in another department. Have him work the concession stands or be a janitor at the Fieldhouse. He signed a contract with the organization, I'm sure they can redefine his job title w/o any problems. Better yet, have him soot up as "Bonkey" the jackass companion to Boomer and Bowser. He could entertain us during stoppage.

    Work him out. Put him under the care of one of those "troubled teen" drill sergeants and put him on a military schedule. Fine him if causes trouble.

    Any other ideas?

    "Like [Jonathan Bender], AMC's Pacer was supposed to be fitted with a rotary engine--but both rotaries had technical problems late in their development (read: after incurring heavy research costs) that prevented them from seeing the light of day. Of course, both vehicles had plenty of problems that did reach production. The Pacer was a dud in terms of quality, execution and particularly styling. Make your own assessment about its bizarre proportions, but don't miss the one door that's bigger than the other."

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    Default Clean up the mess and move on....

    Here's a thought:

    Negotiate a trade to a team you believe he will refuse to report to, using expiring contracts and draft picks. Submit it to the league (NO LEAKS). When the trade is approved and announced, wait for Ron's reaction. If he surprises you and accepts it, take joy in having dumped his butt and knowing he's in an unhappy situation. If he refuses to report, then suspend him without pay and take action allowed by the CBA.

    Not totally in the Pacer's best interest, but much better than what we have now.

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    Default Re: Things We Can Do With Ron Artest...

    ... Drink coaster?
    "He's a strong physical presence out there on both ends of the court. He's a man. There's a reason he was an All-Star." -- Vogel on David West

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