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Thread: So if JO is out for an extended period..

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    Default So if JO is out for an extended period..

    Does the Artest for Peja make any since to do at all? I mean he will most likley not be back next year and even if they do resign him, is that what we want to start to rebuild around. I know Walsh keeps saying we need someone to help this year, but WHY? Does he think we can still compete for a championship? Playoffs? Maybe Jim Mora needs to give Donnie his playoff speech. This team has come apart at the seems and it MUST purge itself clean.

    We really need to try to find players who
    A. Are Healthy
    B. Can stay Healthy
    C. Fit into the system
    D. Will not be dropping like flies when the Bird flu hits. Lord if the Bird flu were to invade the US right now, Our team would be the first to have 11 players in the hospital. ESPN headline would be "Bird's team hit with Bird flu
    Ron Artest to do concert to benefit ex-teammates"

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    Default Re: So if JO is out for an extended period..

    We are only one player and on court determination away from being able to compete for the championship in my opinion.

    So we should look for a player that can help us now and hopefully for many more years.

    However one exception would be Magette. I would wait until next year so hes healthy. This is because I rate him very highly. Other then him I would wait for no one else and would be dissapointed with a Pietrus or Diogu.

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