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Thread: greenhorn's Q. A needed. Thank You.

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    Default greenhorn's Q. A needed. Thank You.

    I've read in some thread about CBA and actions trading teams should/have/can take if Traded player does not report to his new team.

    if this Unmentionable guy still refuses to report to team (s) he was traded to, is it posible for DW&LB (maybe other GMs also) to initiate "kick-ban" of the league (NBA players licence cancellation) decision for that guy. I think that his behavior is deleterious for other "traded" Players, their Agents, Youth and The League in common.

    was there any precedent when player was banned from the league for unprofesional behaviour (all those drugs&doping cases don't count)?


    Thank You

    EDIT: please do not get hooked on that "deleted". I am asking is there any ways to ban Unmentionable of the league? Thank You once again.
    EDIT 2: I've removed bad example of deleterious behaviour.
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    Default Re: greenhorn's Q. A needed. Thank You.

    But Artest said he would report to the Kings but he doesn't want to be there or would request a trade. Basically he is following the rules just enough but still ends up ****ing over the Pacers once again.

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