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    Top three. At best this year they lose in the second round. The Pacers
    need more help.


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    Quote Originally Posted by indy0731
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    Oh yeah and I think Killingsworth would be a good second round choice for thsi team.
    Killingsworth is a lottery pick. We can only dream to get him as a second round pick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by owl
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    Chauncey, I agree with you about Redick. Anybody who can score 30-40
    points a game against the best college competition will make a good pro.
    If he is there when and wherever the Pacers pick he will be snatched up.
    Other than Morrison he is the most skilled scorer in the draft. The only other
    player I see as being useful to the Pacers is Shelden Williams. Plus all three
    of these players are durable, mentally stable and 3-4 year college players.
    I am ready to start over. Picking up Peja I believe is a low risk for the Pacers
    as he can be re-signed, cut loose or traded for expiring players and picks.
    If the team miraculously turns around the rest of this year then they try harder to re-sign him.
    Redick is not slow and he takes people to the hoop now which makes him deadly.

    I would rather have Adam Morrison over Reddick or Sheldon Williams. I think he is a more complete player than either one of those guys...he can shoot, play defense, rebound, he's everywhere on the court......The only question I have about his game is his diabetes and an 82 game NBA season.
    Dallas Clark>Tony Gonzalez

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