With the money that that is being spent to go to these games where the team is not playing hard for full 48 minutes is unacceptable.

We have an ownership has spent the money to put what should have been a great product on the floor and this is what we're recieving as fans? Again unacceptable.

I am not and don't want to turn this thread into flaming so PLEASE don't take it that way.But SOMEBODY needs to answer for this trainwreck of a season that we're having.Whether it's Managment, Coaches, or Players some heads must roll and some one has to be accountable.Period.

I usually try not to get too high or toolow after wins or losses but this has got to finally come to a head.Again we need some accountablity from some one.At this point it really doesn't matter who if it will light a fire under this team. One thing is for certain this trade OR LACK THEREOF is affecting the team.So even with Ron gone he is STILL having an affect on this team and it needs to be addressed soon.IMHO.

I HOPE this thread is not considered flaming I am just at a crossroads where we as fans need to let the Organization know that we at least would like to see a team compete for 48 minutes not 36min. It seems we play good for about 3 quarters but that one quarter,recently has been the first but tonight the 3rd quarter we seem to stink it up. It's not like we're like the Pistons who can turn it on when they want to.We just don't have the personell to do that.

MAYBE we are not as deep of team as we seem to think we are.Because no one seems to be stepping up to the plate on a nightly basis right now.With all the distractions(THANKS RON) and the injuries we need some one to step up on a nightly basis.When JO is out we don't have another consistent threat to do such.

I am not sure what all needs to be done but someone(Managment,Coaches, or Players)needs to be held accountable.Maybe the Simons need to step in and assess the situation.

Again sorry for the rant.I hope I don't come off as a flamer it is just frustrating.Maybe fans need to get thru to the Organization that this is UNACCEPTABLE .Period.