I'm not entirely espousing this idea for any other reason than the fact that I think it will be fun to discuss...

Imagine for a moment that Wayne and Edge both walk. Why not consider the one guy we'd never consider: Terrell Owens.

Now I know what you're thinking "Dude, F that..." but let's be clear before we write off the positives of this:

1-- TO can be had for just about nothing right now in a trade.

2-- We know he can not only play, but he helped another team get over the hump and played a courageous game in the Super Bowl (easily the Eagles Super Bowl MVP had they have won).

3-- With Wayne gone we'd need to get another reciever anyway, why not go for the best available (especially since we'd have the money he wants).

4-- We have the money for him if Wayne and Edge walk (he's really not asking for *that* much if you go back and look...he really was seeking a salary equal to recievers like Marvin's)

Now let me respond to the "attitude" issues...obviously TO has major attitude problems, BUT:

1-- TO has issues with not getting the ball. Imagine a recieving corps of Marv, TO, Stokley, Clark, and Fletcher. Basically, Manning could have his way with any defensive 2ndary and TO would easily have the most TDs of his career. A team can only double one guy or the other...if they go w/ Marv we hit TO if they go w/ TO we hit Marv...touchdown!

2-- Dungy is a players coach, and he is also a humble man that is loved by *ALL* of our players. We won't have the kind of locker-room split that the Eagles have, because TO will fall in line with *everyone*. Dungy will help him to become a more reserved person on-and-off the field, and I think that Marv would do the same.

3-- TO has issues in major cities with giant markets. He couldn't handle Cali and he couldn't handle the East Coast, but the midwest might be just the place for him. The media circus just doesn't exist in Indy like it does elsewhere.

4-- Unlike Ron Artest, TO realizes the predicament he's in. He knows he's got one more shot and it's a desperation shot by any team that takes him (anyone want to say we aren't desperate?) so call me naive but I think he will calm down wherever he goes.

This will obviously never happen...but if it did, I'd support TO just like I supported Ron...I'm desperate to win and if it means getting a player I strongly dislike, I say do it! What do you say???