A lot of people label players as injury prone, but that seems like a rather empty statement to me. Some people even go so far to say that injuries are just part of the game, well that is true...but only to a degree.

This is an honest question....how many major injuries did the Pacers sustain during the Larry Brown era. I am curious.

But here is a thought. When watching Jamaal Tinsley play basketball, he seems very out of control with his body. I mean everytime he drives for a lay-up it seems like there is a good chance he will land wrong and hurt himself.

One time I saw him land on his ankle and he obviously sprained it, but then he did some crazy contorted roll that seemed to probably injure the already sprained ankle more.

Watch the Detroit Pistons play and tell me how many times they do something overly flashy. These guys have a certain awareness about their bodies and I honestly think the only way one of their guys gets injured is if someone tries to take them out. These guys are too smart to get injured. No way will one of the Pistons not land right after a dunk/rebound. They are aware of their bodies.

I mean Tinsley seems quite content with being injured and his style of play generally leads to injuries. The guy just doesn't know how to use his body or land properly. It's a certain awareness. I don't think it has a damn thing to do with conditioning.

I think Jermaine to a degree, lacks awareness about his body and this is why he often has minor injuries through the season. I enjoy Jermaine's passion this year, i think his passion is unrivaled. Sure, i made the JO is the worst Pacer ever (out of anger, obviously)...but he wasn't playing well and his attitude was horrible for a while this year. And obviously in my book do be a worst pacer ever, you have to be a lot more than just a role player. But anyways, i dont want to derail the message im trying to convey here.

There is nothing outrageously special about the conditioning of the Wallace Brothers and hell.... all of Detroit. I think somewhere along the line, they learned to play smart basketball, this means being aware of your body.

I'd almost consider them a lock to win the finals this year, because none of their guys will get injured....and every other team probably will be dealing with banged up/injured players in the playoffs.

Tinsley is not going to learn, he is a street baller. He gets satisfaction out of circus passes, circus dribbling, circus drives, circus layups. He seems least concerned with winning of all the Pacers, but of course he could just be a reserved/unexpressive person....i'm willing to accept that.

My point is, players who are injured a lot have no one to blame but themselves. If I was a coach I would yank players for putting their bodies at risk.

I don't watch the Pistons a lot so maybe Kstat can elaborate here, the few times I have seen them play....I RARELY see their players even get close to a situation where they might get injured.

I think this type of mentality is vastly underrated in the NBA. Seems like under Carlisle we've been dealing with all sorts of injuries, but I don't remember many injuries back in the "old days" of course I wasn't very old back in the old days, thats why I asked the question about how many injuries we had under Larry Brown.