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Thread: The Silence is getting louder ! .....

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    Exclamation The Silence is getting louder ! .....

    Wow it certainly has gotten quiet rumor wise.. now in the past i know we have speculated this could mean a deal is close, which could be the case.

    However, I personally think after reading the latest comments from Bird and all I would be surprised if we actually did pull off a trade within the next few weeks.

    It really is starting to feel that if a deal is completed. It is going to be late January or close to the trade deadline.

    In fact I think now I am about 65% sure a trade will be done by the deadline, that's just going on a gut feeling...nothing to back that up, that's just how I am starting to feel.

    I really do think that Larry and Donnie are prepared to take this through the offseason if they have to, provided they cannot find what they feel is a good enough exchange.

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    Default Re: The Silence is getting louder ! .....

    I said last week that if a deal was not done by Friday (Warriors) I thought we were looking at February.

    And I would handicap the possibility of it not happening until the summer at 33%. Not sure what the Vegas line is - but I would imagine it is going up.

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    Default Re: The Silence is getting louder ! .....

    I have said it wouldn't occur until after the Lakers game.....I'm still sticking with that. ( there is a SAFE bet.....think I'll go all-in on that one!)
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    Default Re: The Silence is getting louder ! .....

    Would be cool if we got Odom. Do you guys think he, JO and Danny would make a sweet frontline? Or would Lamar start at small forward?

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    Default Re: The Silence is getting louder ! .....

    Pacers are not interested in Odom for reasons of contract, position and perceived attitude.

    What they want from the Lakers (if something would occur) is something called Bynum, picks and fillers, and the Lakers don't have picks and only Byum, so the trade is unlikely without a 3rd team.
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    Default Re: The Silence is getting louder ! .....

    At this point I'm waiting for a deadline deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by btowncolt©
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    That's the most likely scenario.

    If there were a trade of interest on the table now, this would be over.

    Once the NFL ends and the casual fan comes back, pressure begins to mount on mediocre teams in February. That, and teams have a better idea of what they have and what they need around then.

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