We give them Artest, Tinsley and Foster
We get B-Diddy, Pietrus and a 1st
http://www3.realgm.com/src_checktrad...radeid=2802400 (successful)

How it helps us:
It gets Tins and his health troubles out but brings back B-Diddy and his troubles(none recently that I know of though) Gives us scorers of 1.JO 2. B-Diddy 3. Jackson (pretty potnent) I think this would really elevate our in and out game. Gives us a young SG that has D in his game. Opens up Harrison to develop.

How it helps GS:
There coach is already "at odds" with B-Diddy and there is fear that he and Artests games won't mesh. Tinsley has no problem letting Artest and J-Rich be the scoring options. Improves there D. Foster gives them a big moveable body downlow that they need.

Doesn't help us cut contracts but I think this could get us back to the top of the East this year!!!


Let me know what you guys think. I am kind new to this.