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Thread: Pacers Bulls Nuggets

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    Default Pacers Bulls Nuggets

    Pacers trade Ron Artest
    Pacers recieve Ben Gordon and Voshon Lenard
    Pacers get a great young shooting guard, a good veteran shooting guard who has an expiring contract to lower payroll even more in the offseason.

    Bulls trade Ben Gordon
    Bulls recieve Nene
    Bulls get the scoring big man they need and only give up Gordon whos unhappy in Chicago.

    Nuggets trade Nene and Voshon Lenard
    Nuggets recieve Ron Artest
    Nuggets get Ron Artest.

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    Default Re: Pacers Bulls Nuggets

    Bulls don't do it.

    Unless we throw in Fred Jones to Chicago... but i don't know what else it would take to make salaries work.

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    Default Re: Pacers Bulls Nuggets

    Also, the Bulls are going after Nene in the off-season

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