Here's a possible scenario where Ron could be back in a Pacer uniform. Whether the Pacers would let him play . . . I don't know.

What scenario?

Peter Vecsey in his Jan. 3 NY Post article said, "I'm told an outraged David Stern lodged a complaint with the Pacers concerning management's ruling to place Ron Artest on the inactive list indefinitely."

I overlooked it at the time because Vecsey makes wisecracks in his column all the time. However, what if he were telling the truth?

What if the Union decides the Pacers are being unfair to Ron? What's Stern going to do? He could tell the Pacer's that they have to put Ron back in uniform.

What choice would Walsh and Bird have? None at all since they are management too. What would JO do? He would have to suck it up and play, otherwise he would be hurting the team more than Ron.

Wouldn't that make for a nice little Payton Place!

Interesting speculation if nothing else!