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Thread: James Jones is on fire, Suns hotter than Heat

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    Default Re: James Jones is on fire, Suns hotter than Heat

    Unless the trade makes us significantly better, Detroit may very well sweep through the East. No other team has even an outside chance of beating them.
    Skip Bayless:

    "Derek Fisher will prove to be a much better NBA head coach than Steve Kerr."

    "The Houston Texans will forever regret it if they do not take Johnny Manziel with the No. 1 overall pick. He will haunt them."

    "You bet I'd take Tebow late in games over ARodg."

    "Manti Te'o: the next Ray Lewis."

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    Default Re: James Jones is on fire, Suns hotter than Heat

    The difference between Kerr and Jones is Kerr made shots in the finals--Jones has not.

    Also on the list are Paxson and Hodges. Are we going to anoit Jones as the next Craig Hodges? That is really unfair. There is only one Hodges and JJ just has to be JJ.

    People it is silly to suggest that Jones is going to be the difference in any championship won.
    "They could turn out to be only innocent mathematicians, I suppose," muttered Woevre's section officer, de Decker.

    "'Only.'" Woevre was amused. "Someday you'll explain to me how that's possible. Seeing that, on the face of it, all mathematics leads, doesn't it, sooner or later, to some kind of human suffering."

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    Default Re: James Jones is on fire, Suns hotter than Heat

    Quote Originally Posted by Jermaniac
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    What might have been? JJ would be sitting on the bench. He is playing this good because he is playing with Nash and is allowed to launch all those shots, you think Ricky would let JJ shoot that much. Get out of here.
    EXACTLY, I'm glad someone realizes that James Jones isn't God's gift to basketball.

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