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Thread: Will Reg be on TNT thursday?

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    Default Will Reg be on TNT thursday?

    Yesterday, DPatrick was talking to Reg on his show and Reggie mentioned he was in Indy for the New Years visiting. Mentioned he planned on going down to Conseco to work out today (apparently has a swipe card to get in the practice gym anytime) and brought up Artest had been in Conseco the day before working out.

    Basically Reg said he wouldn't mind working out with Ron and thought he would be there sometime since the team was leaving for their west swing. Almost sounds like he planned on getting an interview with RA.

    The bottom line is if Reg is in the studio Thursday I suspect he'll be talking a little bit about the Ps.
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    Default Re: Will Reg be on TNT thursday?

    I'll be surprised if he isn't doing our game against GS.
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    Default Re: Will Reg be on TNT thursday?

    I hope he is! Havent we won the games that he was there for?

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    Default Re: Will Reg be on TNT thursday?

    Quote Originally Posted by PaCeRs_GuRL
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    I hope he is! Havent we won the games that he was there for?
    we haven't lost a game with Reggie in the house. Twice on TNT (@ Heat, vs. Cavs on Thanksgiving) and when he was at MSG with Spike in the front row. if he's been to any other games, the camera hasn't caught him there.

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    Default Re: Will Reg be on TNT thursday?

    I would think and pray that he will be there. I'm gonna be at the game and wanted to make my way down to the announcer's table to see if I can get an autograph.
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