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Thread: Artest threads are getting to be too much

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    Default Artest threads are getting to be too much

    Is there some way we could merge the trade proposal board with the majority of the threads about Ron? Honestly, I understand that he is a big part of the Pacers news, but it seems like every other thread has something to do with him being traded. I'm sick of hearing about him right now, and I would rather talk about the Pacers who currently play on the team in the Pacers board.

    The request would be somewhat difficult to carry out I suppose, but am I the only one who thinks this?

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    Default Re: Artest threads are getting to be too much

    There's nothing to really do except start talking about something else that gets people's attention. In the meantime, with the team obviously not contending, and the Artest thing in limbo, there's just not a lot to discuss.

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