Now keep in mind this is from a rookie poster, who is a Heat fan, so absolutely there's a chance that he's 100% lying. But all the same he listed some things that I felt were interesting and realistic (though many have laughed at them).

First of all, many there are claiming certain posters who seem to be their versions of our own diamond_dave00 et al who seem to "hear things" saying that Walsh has his final offers and will decide tomorrow which to pick.

Next, this Wade fan fellow is claiming this:

(In reply to being accused of trolling)

No trolling what so ever. It whats being reported by Jorge Sedano on Fox Sports Radio.
Ok they listed all of the reported offer....

Lakers: Odom and George for Artest and Croshere
Warriors: Pietrus and Murphy for Artest and Foster
Nuggets: Nene and Watson for Artest
Wolves: Olowokandi, Griffin, and McCants for Artest and Fred Jones
Clippers: Wilcox, Rebraca, and Kaman for Artest and Foster
Wizards: Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins for Artest
Grizzlies: Brian Cardinal and Shane Battier for Artest and Sarunas Jasikevicius
Nets: Jefferson and Linton Johnson for Artest and Foster
Again this could all be 100% false, but I think all of these offers seem somewhat realistic (whether we as Pacers fans like them or not), and it's been so dry lately we need something new(ish) to talk about.

If there's a hint of truth to any of these (and there's plenty reason to be skeptical, including Eric's claims of Odom NOT being offered by LA), I like the Clippers deal best, followed closely by the Nets offer.

Richard Jefferson would be a great replacement for Artest, but we'd be giving up Foster and we already suck at the big positions. Therefore, I like LAC's best because Kaman gives us a true, big center to start with JO, and gives as a prospect PF in Wilcox.

A close third would be the Golden State trade. Murphy'd be a hell of a pickup, but I like the idea of getting a true center and a young PF better.