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Thread: Why not Wally?

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    Default Why not Wally?

    Some have labeled him injury prone but actually he's not. He had one year that he didn't play. His contract is 4 years at 10 M this year 11,12 and 13 thereafter. If you could get him and a 1st rnd pick for Artest and AJ why not he had 30 pts the other night and is averaging 20ppg this year.
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    I wouldn't mind getting Wally. He is one of the best shooters in the league. He consistantly shoots 50% from the field and 40% from 3 point land.

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    I would actually do that. It would give us a shooter and it would also let saras play his natural position.

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    He is also expensive and could give up as many points as he scores.

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    From a talent perspective, you might not get a better trade.

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    I agree, and the TWolves said that they will trade anyone except KG.

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    No! His contract is way too high-up there, while he's too one-dimensional to warrant such money IMO. Looking also at our team's salary and managements intention to cut into it makes this even more precarious, because this signing would mean a lot more people would either get traded or not re-signed than was originally allready planned and I'm not willing to do that for Wally.


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