This weekend will be slow, and there prolly won't be anything happening today. So why not pass the day by doing something somewhat fun, its like what they have done on ESPN, where people play the roles of GMs, except this time us, posters, play the roles of GM. We can schedule it at like 2:00 Pacific time, that way people will be able to be here for it. Its like a show of somewhat, except it can give us a very vivid idea of whats going behind the scenes, and it can show us just how far we are from getting a trade done. Now I was thinking 3 or 4 of your some of your best posters play the roles as the Pacers FO with one guy being Walsh, for Lakers 3 or 4 us (me included maybe) would be the Lakers FO with Sky or Emplay being Mitch, and we can go onto a Denver message board and get their FO and Kiki. Then at 2:00 we try to impersonate our respective team's FO as best as we can, it would almost be like the real thing. The topic would obviously be "Dealing Artest". It could be held here. Just an idea, if you guys like it, I will get the Laker posters to join in, and I will tell them about it.

.... then you will see how we have the best deal