I forget where I read it but I am almost positive I read early today or yesterday that the Suns have showed interest in Artest. Don't know how interested they are or if they made an offer but they do have some good pieces to work with.

A combination of Kurt Thomas/James Jones/Raja Bell and maybe Jim Jackson or Brian Grant to make it work financialy.

Pacers could add either Anthony Johnson, or Fred Jones, or Jeff Foster to the deal too.

Here is one example of a deal that might work:

To Indiana:
- Kurt Thomas
- James Jones
- Brian Grant

To Phoenix:
- Ron Artest
- Jeff Foster
- David Harrison

I don't know if Phoenix does this though. I know the reason they brought Kurt Thomas in there was to move Amare to the 4 and Marion to the 3 but with this trade Amare would be back to the 5 when he gets back next season so I don't know how they would feel about that. Plus they still have Boris Diaw to play too but I think he can play the 2, but full time?

What do you guys think of this deal or any deal with Phoenix? Anyone know if they are serious about getting Artest?