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First part of Chad Ford's chat (12/29)

Ronny, IN: Where am I going and when am I going to get there ... Tru Warrior?

SportsNation Chad Ford: (12:05 PM ET ) I think the Warriors are the best fit and have the most to offer the Pacers in return. I like trades where everyone wins and I think Golden State has the goods to make it happen. My runner up is Memphis.

bill, minneapolis: Hi Chad- Any update on Artest coming to Minnesota?

SportsNation Chad Ford: (12:07 PM ET ) I keep hearing this rumor, but don't get it. The Pacers are trying to shy away from players who are unreliable and the three most often mentioned coming from Minnesota -- Olowokandi, Eddie Griffin and Rashad McCants -- all have a history of being totally unreliable. Unless a third teams gets involved, I don't see how Minnesota is a player. If the Pacers have to settle for some combo of Olowokandi, McCants and/or Griffin, they'd be better off keeping Artest and getting counseling for Jermaine O'Neal.

Jeff (Indy): What if Ron Artest is right? The Pacers offense does stink. Looks to me that Carlisle has never wanted Artest and ran him off. This team stinks without Artest. Why would the Pacers want to be a middle of the road team just to make O'Neal happy? Don't forget, Detroit ran Carlisle off for a reason and it wasn't just Larry Brown.

SportsNation Chad Ford: (1
2:10 PM ET ) You have a point. Carlisle's stubborness did get him kicked to the curb in Detroit. However, I think he's done a great job with what he has. Artest was the teams second best scorer and nearly as important as Jermaine O'Neal. Everyone else on the team were supporting players specifically picked to support those two. With Artest gone, I'm not surprised they're struggling. The good news for the Pacers is that I believe Danny Granger has the potential to be an All-Star someday. If they're patient, I think they've already found their Artest replacement..

Phil, LA: Should the Lakers trade Odom?

SportsNation Chad Ford: (12:14 PM ET ) I don't get the hostility toward Odom. He leads the team in rebounding and assists and is the team's second best scorer. He plays just about every position on the floor for the Lakers and it's difficult to get 15 to 20 shots a night when you have a teammate who rountinely takes 30+. In other words, I don't think Odom is the issue. He's unselfish and helps them in so many ways. He's the one high priced player that I think Indiana should seriously consider ... he'd be a great fit in Indy. With that said, if I'm the Lakers, there's no way I trade Odom for Artest.