I was going to just mark this to Uncle Buck because he needs to purge his feelings. But I thought it would be best to get everybody's thoughts on this.

Again I'm going back to Buck because of what he said in another post & to be honest he said the same thing last year as well when Artest was gone.

The Pacers are not a good team right now, this is paraphrasing Uncle Buck btw, and we have only one player who would start for a championship team.

Ok, if we believe this theory (I'm not sure I do but for argument sake let's agree with this) why were we not calling for changes over the last two seasons?

Now if we just wanna say that he (& other Artesions) are just bitter & can't let go then I think we can all understand & just move on. But if he really believes this, as it sounds like many of you do, then why were we ok with just riding out the season with the same team?

Yes, no one will dispute that Ron is a great player, but was he really so good that he will take a team from championship contender to a team (as U.B. put in another thread) that depending on what Walsh can bring in might be able to win a playoff round?

I guess the question is this.

Do you think this team is fundamentally flawed?

If your answer is yes, then how flawed is it?

a. Totally screwed, needs to start all over
b. Just a little screwed, we need to make one good trade
c. Not really screwed, time & patience will right the ship

Now how would you improve this team.

Would you build a team that Carlisle can use to his own devices or would you put together a team that you liked & force Carlisle to either change or get rid of him?

There's more, but this is a good starting point.