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Thread: FIBA-Europe "Player of the year"

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    Default FIBA-Europe "Player of the year"

    FIBA makes annual "Player of the year". European journalists will vote and decide the best European player and best young European player of 2005.

    Now they give a poll for basketball fans on their
    Of course it will hardly influence real voting of journalists.

    Saras tops Nowitzki

    Erazem Lorbek is on the additonal list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rytas_Jega
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    strange, he did not play in any FIBA event this year. but Gasol also didn't..

    well, it's FIBA for you. strange decisions.. Saras will not win though. he was ULEB Euroleague MVP - FIBA does not like ULEB. and he did not play in Eurobasket, Siskauskas was the MVP for Lithuania there. we'll see..

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