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Thread: Perfect trade for Indy

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    Default Perfect trade for Indy

    Indiana trade breakdown:

    Ron Artest


    Boris Diaw
    Kurt Thomas

    I would live with this.

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    Default Re: Perfect trade for Indy

    You know that sign on your sideview mirror that says "objects may be closer than they appear"

    you need a sticker for Phoenix players that says "Player may be less than he appears because of overinflated statistics in an anything goes/ run-and-gun offense"

    Neither guy is awful and Diaw may have a bright future.

    But I hope for more.
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    Default Re: Perfect trade for Indy

    I remember last year some saying (OK, maybe just Peck ) that Ron to NY for Kurt Thomas would be a good trade for us. I think we can do better, but considering his low value, I wouldn't have been surprised.

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    Default Re: Perfect trade for Indy

    looks good to me!

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