Considering that these are two teams that we are rumoured to be in trade talks with - I went to the Nuggets at Warriors game in Oakland last night. I was there from when the players were shooting around to the end of the game. The Nuggets won and I was impressed with Carmelo's play. He got them a basket on isolations whenever needed. His jumper was smooth and looked good.

As far as trading with these teams -

Golden State Warriors - Golden State's backup center Ike Diogu looked very good. He played good defense and was able to finish at the basket (unlike Foster). He had good shooting form on his free throws which is probably true with his jump shot also.(He did not take any jump shots).

Summary - Unless Ike Diogu is involved, I would not trade Artest to them because they have nobody else. Something like Pietrius and Diogu for Artest or for Artest and Harrison would be good.

Denver Nuggets - This team looks real good. They are playing with good chemistry - I am not sure why they would want Artest. Their offense was very smooth. Both the Earls, Boykins and Watson looked good. Watson would be a solid bak up point guard, lot better than AJ and is signed a to a decent long term deal. Julius Hodge, a rookie out of NCSU, did not play but looked good in the warmups. He nailed 14 out of 17 jumpers in a row. THat was practice but he seemed to be a lanky swing player who can become a good player. Francisco Elson looked like a good defensive center with couple of good blocks and he made guards change their shots inside. However this team is weak upfront. This team would look scary if Kenyon and Nene were healthy.

Summary - Since Boykins and Miller are playing so well, they will be ready to deal Watson. So a deal like Watson, Hodge or Francesco Elson and a solid veteran(Al Harrington) from another team for Artest, Harrison and Jackson would be good. We get a solid point gaurd and two solid up and coming players. I do not want to go the Nene route because
1- he has an ACL injury and I do not know how well he is going to recover.
2 - his agent keep talking about how well he is recovering and the contract that he is looking for. He will want a lot and probably is not worth it.