There are varying degrees of sportsmanship and instances where it's needed. At the end of a game, you slap hands with the other team. At the beginning of a game, captains shake hands.When an injured player gets up off the floor, you clap for them. These, I think, are pretty much automatic.

My question is, what should be done in case of a blowout? I was always told to hold back, don't humiliate the other team. Though I was told this, I totally disagree. I think that you are pretty much humiliating and disrespecting them when you don't keep playing at the same level. My personal feelings are that you play hard the whole game, no questions asked. I don't care who you're playing, you play your hardest and best period. Diving on the floor for loose balls, trapping, stopping and going for rebounds are what the whole game of basketball is about. This is a hustle sport, that's what you do, hustle, move, plaay at your highest level.

Those are my feelings at least, how do you all feel?