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Thread: We miss you

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    Default We miss you

    I havn't been an overly active commissioner this season but I have been an active owner. I thought I'd check up on you guys to see whos logging in & who isn't.

    I can understand missing a day now & again but someone needs a little reminder.

    5 guys missed checking in today.

    1 guy hasn't checked in since 12-5

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    Default Re: We miss you

    LOL, that aint me

    But, I do not check in every opportunity, and I think the reason is clear, after all 0 - 20 is not a pretty number.

    Now with Ron out, and on average 4 players out all this season, is is simply amazing to me that my spare parts still bring in close to 140 avg.

    Consider Artests Dooling etc, playing, I would avg close to or around 200.
    As it is there is very limited chance of a turnaround, it does however only mean that I am losing, not that I am giving players away.

    I will not do funny deals, am not willing to trade any of my "better" players, fo'get it, don't even offer.

    Even if i remain losing in the months to come, I will not "Influence" the game in any way by trades, any trade that is offered to me has to improve my team, not taking long-shots.

    When I setup the team I knew the risks involved, but it was either high or low and nothing in between.

    I still enjoy it, so nay worry
    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

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    Default Re: We miss you

    able, I'm not worried at all. I just want to trade you Salim Stoudamire for Ron Artest. Not because it would be a good trade but because..........well gosh darn it, because I care.
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    Default Re: We miss you

    i think i was one of the 'didn't check-in' guys yesterday *gulp* sorry about that everyone.

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    Default Re: We miss you

    a day (or 2) now and then isn't an issue.

    we all have lives.

    two weeks away is a big issue.
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    Default Re: We miss you

    I've been busy with Finals (last one tomorrow), but I'm keeping up as best I can. It doesn't help that my team is 6-15 right now, either.
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