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Thread: Cold Pizza

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    Default Re: Cold Pizza

    The harder Cold Pizza tries, the worse it gets. That show was never top-notch, but it used to be watchable. Now...not so much.
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    Default Re: Cold Pizza

    I think a show that has Merit would be Mark Jackson and Reggie..
    they had mention doing it in the past.. covering all sports topics... etc..

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    Default Re: Cold Pizza

    Wait! It gets even better!

    Ask the CEO
    12/17/05 - American Basketball Association (ABA)
    Question from 62 people: (Consolidated): "We saw the owner of the Maryland Nighthawks (Tom Doyle) and one of his players (Randy Gill) on ESPN's Cold Pizza on Friday offering to trade Randy "White Chocolate" Gill and Lawrence Moten (the former Syracuse University star) to the Indiana Pacers for Ron Artest. Was this for real or was this a publicity stunt?"

    Answer: The reaction to the ESPN show has generated a lot of response. I called Tom Doyle and asked him to respond. He said, "I was not doing this just for PR. I feel strongly of our team's obligations to players to do all we can to get them to the next level. I know Randy and Lawrence would even offer to go up for a week, just pay their expenses, to prove what they can do. As I also said, I would pit Randy against any current NBA shooter in a 3-point challenge. He is that good of a shooter. As for what we have to offer Ron, again, as I said, the ABA offers a ton of opportunities for businessmen/players, including in Ron's case to showcase his recording company, True Warriors. It also can show the world another side of Ron Artest, that he is not a bad person, as my players, under the terms of their contracts, must stay on the court to meet all the kids, sign autographs, etc. This, I am sure, Ron would not have a problem doing. Hope this answers the questions."

    It appears to us that there has not been much interest in Ron Artest by other teams in the ABA. In spite of his great abilities, at this point, a trade has not been made and the Pacers have put him on the inactive list for the remainder of the season. He sat out most of last season under suspension. He does have an injury to his hand. Sitting out last season and this season cannot be good for his career as careers in the NBA are limited. The league turns over about 60 players a year, over half the league in 3 years (though players of his skills stay longer). The ABA would be a great place for Ron to keep in shape, play against good competition and to show that he can be a good citizen both on and off the court. As for Randy and Lawrence, both of these players are highly skilled and can compete in the NBA. Both could help the Indiana Pacers substantially if given the chance. We hope the offer will be taken seriously and that Donnie Walsh or Larry Bird would call Tom Doyle (email - and offer to give them a tryout. Thanks for the questions and interest. If you have a question, please email
    "I'll always be a part of Donnie Walsh."
    -Ron Artest, Denver Post, 12.28.05

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