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Thread: 12/14/2005 Game Thread 20: Pacers vs Celtics

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    Default Re: 12/14/2005 Game Thread 20: Pacers vs Celtics

    Quote Originally Posted by vapacersfan
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    No, I was being sarcastic.

    Even with all "these" games as you put it, we are still at the top of the eastern confrence.

    I dont know why i waste my time coming in these threads any more after loses. As soon as we win the next game Ill see the same people (thats you Mr.Darkside) saying "NBA world champions" and "we cant be stopped"

    I have gotten used to this from Toad, he has always been Mr.Negative.

    But the rest of you are comical. We win the last two games without Ronnie and there is nothing bad said, then we lose the one after we find out he is going to be gone (god forbid we just have a off night...) and all of the sudden "we suck" and are "mediocre"....

    If being in the top 3 is mediocre, I want the Redskins to be medicore every freaking season.
    Great post. Next win, all of them are going to say I never lost faith I knew we are good.

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    Default Re: 12/14/2005 Game Thread 20: Pacers vs Celtics

    It's not about losing, I'm not gonna hate if we lose twenty in a row, just some teams I hate it when we lose to and Boston is one of em..

    Boston, NY, Lakers & Pistons...

    HATE LOSING !!!!
    Ya Think Ya Used Enough Dynamite there Butch...

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    Default Re: 12/14/2005 Game Thread 20: Pacers vs Celtics

    va, Jermaniac, I agree with both of you. A lot of people around here are way too fickle for my tastes.

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    Default Re: 12/14/2005 Game Thread 20: Pacers vs Celtics

    I got my tv working about halfway through. It was good to see David play, and I thought the team tried hard. Just couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.
    You, Never? Did the Kenosha Kid?

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    Default Re: 12/14/2005 Game Thread 20: Pacers vs Celtics

    Anyone think they did not give max effort to raise Artest's value going into the next few days? I know this, they did not look like they were trying at times.

    Also, WTF was DH on the bench for? We are not putting in enough beef to own the paint. I thought David played OK for a stretch. He changes the game in the interior. Is that not being recognized? Doesn't he need time on the court to develop his game?

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    Default Re: 12/14/2005 Game Thread 20: Pacers vs Celtics

    I don't know how much maxing you can do at this point. It could be
    a good sign if they didn't need too. Maybe the trade talks are going
    better than expected and they are weighing their options. OR thats
    a whole lot crap falling out of my mouth. I tend to stray towards
    the positive thinking.

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    Default Re: 12/14/2005 Game Thread 20: Pacers vs Celtics

    So, people think we played well tonight?

    I personally thought we "sucked" tonight, because we had many turnovers and a bad offensive night, and just didn't play well as a whole.

    When I said, "I hate sucking" I meant it as for the game, tonight. I didn't mean it as we suck as a whole.

    I just get tired of losing badly.

    Maybe that was why I was so cranky......
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    Indiana Pacers STATISTICS
    S. Jackson, SG445-202-76-8363302218
    S. Jasikevicius, PG384-142-101-1125210111
    J. O'Neal, PF385-190-04-63102410614
    J. Foster, C291-30-10-337110042
    A. Johnson, PG296-80-12-2033110514
    F. Jones, SG343-112-60-003311028
    D. Granger, SF141-30-10-002011122
    D. Harrison, C81-20-00-000000012
    S. Pollard, C40-00-00-023010110
    J. Tinsley, PGDid Not Play
    E. Gill, SGDid Not Play
    J. Bender, SFDid Not Play
    R. Artest, SFDid Not Play
    S. Walker, PFDid Not Play
    A. Croshere, PFDid Not Play
    Totals 26-806-2613-2012361714542371

    Team Rebounds - 15
    Defensive 3-second violations - 1
    Points Off Turnovers - 10
    Fastbreak Points - 4
    Points In The Paint - 16
    Second Chance Points - 9


    Boston Celtics STATISTICS
    R. Davis, SG433-110-12-204751058
    P. Pierce, SF399-211-16-8075302225
    D. West, SG342-32-22-225200028
    M. Blount, C329-120-04-6053301522
    K. Perkins, C201-40-00-048221212
    A. Jefferson, PF223-70-02-226142118
    O. Greene, PG173-50-02-211201028
    R. LaFrentz, PF171-40-10-205000042
    R. Gomes, SF151-40-00-113000012
    D. Dickau, PG10-00-00-000000000
    B. Scalabrine, PF10-00-00-000000000
    G. Green, SGDid Not Play
    T. Allen, SGDid Not Play
    M. Banks, PGDid Not Play
    J. Reed, SFDid Not Play
    Totals 32-713-518-2510442217562485

    Team Rebounds - 12
    Defensive 3-second violations - 0
    Points Off Turnovers - 21
    Fastbreak Points - 10
    Points In The Paint - 30
    Second Chance Points - 5
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    Default GAME RECAP

    • Boston 85, Indiana 71

      December 14, 2005

      BOSTON (AP) -- The Celtics took advantage of the short-handed Indiana Pacers.

      Paul Pierce had 25 points and seven rebounds to lead Boston over the Pacers 85-71 Wednesday night.

      Indiana's Ron Artest missed his third consecutive game, and second since requesting a trade last weekend. The Pacers were also without guard Jamaal Tinsley and forward Austin Croshere, who were both out with injuries.

      "I wouldn't say (missing Artest) was the problem," Indiana guard Anthony Johnson said. "You can credit their defense or our lack of execution."

      Mark Blount added a season-high 22 points for the Celtics, who snapped a two-game skid in their first home game since Dec. 2.

      Boston had its best defensive effort of the season, holding Indiana to a season low in points. The Pacers shot just 32.5 percent from the field and Jermaine O'Neal was held to 14 points after scoring at least 20 in seven consecutive games.

      "We stayed pretty consistent on defense," Pierce said. "We were able to smother O'Neal, didn't let him get off to his usual All-Star self. We covered well, and that was the key."

      The Celtics went on an 8-0 run to start the second quarter and took a 30-21 lead on Al Jefferson's layup with 9:13 left in the half. The Pacers missed their first 11 field-goal attempts of the second quarter, including a dunk by O'Neal, before Stephen Jackson's layup broke the drought with 4:33 left in the half.

      "When we had good shots, we couldn't get them to go," Indiana coach Rick Carlisle said. "We weren't good enough tonight, and they were very good, really, for the whole game."

      Delonte West's 3-pointer in the closing seconds of the half extended the Celtics' lead to 47-31 at the break.

      Jackson had 18 points and Johnson added 14 for the Pacers.

      Sarunas Jasikevicius and Jackson sparked an 11-2 run to open the third quarter as the Pacers pulled to 49-42.

      But Pierce and Blount responded with a pair of jumpers as the Celtics pulled away. Pierce then made a 3-pointer with 7:32 left in the game to extend the lead to 70-56.

      "We got key stops and we made key baskets," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said.

      Jefferson had eight points and six rebounds for the Celtics.


      The 71 points allowed by the Celtics was their lowest point total allowed since an 89-65 win over Philadelphia on March 28, 2004. ... The Pacers came in as one of only three Eastern Conference teams with a winning road record. ... G Marcus Banks will be activated in time for Boston's game against Milwaukee on Friday. ... Jackson and Jasikevicius made all of Indiana's field goals from 2:25 left in the first quarter until Johnson's jumper with 8:34 left in the third quarter.
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    Default Re: 12/14/2005 Game Thread 20: Pacers vs Celtics

    OUCH...well atleast we can take all this frustration out on the Jazz at home on Friday

    I really have to say, Fred's NASTY dunk was freekin awesome ... made up for both of JO's missed dunks.!! and then the back to back 3's were nice!

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