Real trades in the NBA have an impact on our scoring too.

I'll give you an example.

Lets say the Pacers trade Artest to Denver Saturday afternoon.

The Pacers will have played 21 games and the Nuggets, 24 at the time of the deal.

Denver plays Sunday but lets say Artest hasn't reported yet. He has 24 hours I believe so theres nothing to worry about, I hope. So he misses the Nuggets 25th game. They don't play game 26 for another 3 days so he should be in the line up by then.

So here is what happens.

Artest has not played for the Pacers since game 16.

He will get a zero for games 17-21 while he is with the Pacers

He will then get a zero for games 22-25 because Denver has completed those games before Artest reports. If he reports, passes the physical & is permitted to play his scores will once again count as of game 26.

This goes for any player, I was just using Artest as an example.

There is a flipside to this too.

The player coming to the Pacers from Denver will have already played more games than what the Pacers have played.

The Pacers new player will have played 24 games at the time of the trade.

The Pacers play game 22 on Saturday night. No why the new guy can get to NY in time for our game so he misses our 22 game. Since he is now a member of the Pacers & he didn't play for us in game 22, he will get zeros. Any points he earned while playing for Denver in games 22, 23 & 24 will be wiped out.

The Pacers play game 23 on Wednesday night so the new guy should be in our line up by then, unless its Nena, so the points he scores as a Pacer will replace those he scored as a Nugget.

It is a little on the confusing side so if you've read this twice & are more cinfused now than you were before.... sorry.

Ask for a little help & one of our fine veteran players will decode my post for you.