Now that we have clinched everything that matters, should we play everyone and go for perfection? Or rest the starters for the plafoffs?

I would like to see them go undefeated, but obivousally a Super Bowl is more important. So i'm torn. Today after seeing Peyton and Dallas get banged up I was like "bench 'em!" But now that they're ok i'm having other thoughts.

I will support Tony in whatever he does, I will also understand that many Colts fans won't. I'm sure that many fans will be attending their only game of the season either the Chargers or the Cards game. If I was in that position I would be extremely disappointed if I didn't get to see the starters. Hell i've been to every home game and i'll be disappointed if I make the 2 hr trip to indy just to watch a late season "pre-season" game.

So what are your thoughts?