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Thread: This trade makes sense for both teams: Ind & Sac

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    Naptown Seth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kstat
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    Mark Cuban was on the hook for almost $100 MILLION with Finley.

    You're dreaming if you think brad miller is a similiar situation.

    If the Maloofs really cared about the bottom line that much, they wouldnt have Bibby and Brad Miller making HUGE cash right now.

    It's a pipe dream, lol. Brad Miller isn't going anywhere.
    All fans have pipedreams for their teams. Sheed and Darko for KG ring a bell?

    But the only way we get Brad Miller in any Peja/Artest deal would be if we took back a lot of nasty contracts, replaced them with Pollard, Bender, and Crosheres friendly contracts, and maybe threw in a 1st rounder. And them Im not even sure if thats the direction the Kings would be going in. Wouldn't trading for Artest be a change to help them win now? And then ofcourse I don't see Walsh taking on the bad contracts needed to get Miller. So really I can't see it ever happening and I'm usely very open minded about these deals.

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    Default Re: This trade makes sense for both teams: Ind & Sac

    I think the more likely trade scenario would be us sending Pollard, Tinsley, Artest, and maybe Harrison or Foster for B. Miller and Peja. Obviously, fodder might be added to make salaries match, including Fred Jones.

    Peja for Artest makes sense for the Kings. You include B. Miller, and we have to send back another servicable or promising big man, because you don't trade big for small, or big for nothing (see Miller-Pollard deal #1). Even including that, you have to sweeten the pot further, and one thing that would help the Kings down the road is getting Tinsley as Bibby's heir for when he gets long in the tooth, or even as a replacement if they go into full rebuilding mode and trade him for picks.

    I really think we could get Peja and Brad back, but it would take Artest, Tinsley, Pollard, Harrison, and F. Jones, I think. And even then, we might have to take one of their bad contracts back.

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