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Mark Cuban was on the hook for almost $100 MILLION with Finley.

You're dreaming if you think brad miller is a similiar situation.

If the Maloofs really cared about the bottom line that much, they wouldnt have Bibby and Brad Miller making HUGE cash right now.

It's a pipe dream, lol. Brad Miller isn't going anywhere.
All fans have pipedreams for their teams. Sheed and Darko for KG ring a bell?

But the only way we get Brad Miller in any Peja/Artest deal would be if we took back a lot of nasty contracts, replaced them with Pollard, Bender, and Crosheres friendly contracts, and maybe threw in a 1st rounder. And them Im not even sure if thats the direction the Kings would be going in. Wouldn't trading for Artest be a change to help them win now? And then ofcourse I don't see Walsh taking on the bad contracts needed to get Miller. So really I can't see it ever happening and I'm usely very open minded about these deals.