Last season, through all the turmoil, Pacer fans were loyal. They never gave up hope, never quit watching simply because the stars were gone. When rookies and NBA journeymen were starting, they showed loyalty. Why?

Because they had hope for what this team could do, when it was back together. Now this season, when they have all the talent, all the experience needed, they don't try.

In the 04-05 season, the Pacers almost never had the advantage talent wise, but they gave the fans something every night, Effort. Now this season, they would rather fight amongst themselves, and be immature. They would rather try to win on talent alone, never pouring their souls into the game like they did last year.

And FRANKLY the fans don't deserve it, not after what they put up with. The indiana Pacers owe their fans to at least go out and try. Pacer fans suffered, on November 19th, 2004 before the brawl, they saw their chance at a championship. And then it got ripped away. But they did not abandon the team. They raised attendance from the previous season in which the team won a league best 61 games. They suffered trough the losses, and kept hoping.

That hope transferred over to the 05-06 season, but was quickly dashed. When the fans saw the true colors of their team. Immature classless bums, who don't care about their fans. They owed the fans to make up for the previous mistakes made, they refused. They preceded to fight amongst themselves, to give lackluster effort on defense. And each and everyone of the main scorers have preceded to ball-hog and take shots out of the offensive plan.

I was an Indiana Pacers fan, but now I am a fan without a team. Because those 15 players wearing Jerseys with the word Pacers on it, they aren't a team.

Anthony Johnson, Reggie Miller, Stephen Jackson, Dale Davis, and Jeff Foster, Now that was a team. They were so willing to just go out and give everything they had. Jamaal Tinsley, Stephen Jackson, Ron Artest, Austin Croshere, and Jermaine O'neal, nah thats just 5 guys that just, don't seem to care.