It seems once again, that Tinsley's play was explained easily.

Some of us were wondering why he was so up and down, and though some of the grassy knoll people here are sure that Tins was pouting and not simply sick, like Fred Jones before him. This time Rick said on his show that Tins got a groin injury since the Cavs game and should not have played.

Now we all know, though hardly every ackowledge, how much of a warrior Tins is when it comes to playing with pain, I remember to well and vividly the playoff series against Detroit where he was riding a bike when not on the court to keep his muscles warm and his knee mobile.

This is another example in my opinion of the poor communicative skills of the Pacers, despite all the modern possibilites at their disposal and the great website they have (which is kept better uptodate and has more interesting stuff then most sites out there)

They do however the players and the fans a disservice by not simply reporting these injuries, no matter how small, list a player as probable but hurting, do I care how they announce it, but at least it will change our view of the player in question.
Now we come out in force to rip 'm a new one, and propose the most silly trades because (fillinwhateveryouwanttocomeupwithhere)

I agree that certain things are privy to the team only, but information like this which creates perception of the team and the circumstances they work under is important enough to be relayed to a fanbase, no matter how small.

Other examples of plainly poor communications on these matters are:

Foster's injuries
Bender injuries
Tinsley injuries
JO injuries
Ron injuries

I can probably make this list a page long, but what it boils down to is my advice to the Pacers: improve communications on injuries, small or big.
We would like to know what is wrong without details that would create legal difficulties, this can be done, other teams seems to succeed at it, why not we?

How important is this?

Ok let's take the example of the last occassion, i.e. now with Tinsley.

Can you tell me you would have been as harsh on him as some were/are knowing he is playing with an injury?
Can you tell me your conclusion (if you reached that one) that either we get rid of him or the conclusion that Saras will take his spot (other then through injury and temp) would be less easily made if you knew that Rick obviously wants him on the floor so bad that he is asked to play with an injury?
Don't those things all tell a story? Therefore is it important Pacers are more open.