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Thread: heywoode's pics from 76'ers @ Pacers

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    Default heywoode's pics from 76'ers @ Pacers

    We had a good time even though the Pacers played like crap for about 3/4 of the game. I won't even go into how bad I thought the officiating was because it doesn't matter, the Pacers lost the game because of their effort and intensity level, nothing else. Props to the boys for staging a wonderful comeback attempt; it sure was entertaining!

    On to the pics:

    I absolutely LOVE the new look for the lobby of Conseco!

    AJ's racing stripe! Not sure what to make of it, but hey dude, it's YOUR hair, do what you want....

    Went over and met DJ Paul B at halftime. What a great guy! Very friendly and easy to talk to....I thought he did a great job last night, even though the Pacers weren't giving us much to cheer about for most of the game.

    Hard hat guy with bowtie, tails, and......hard hat. I love this guy's enthusiasm!

    Eighty percent of our starting lineup....and also, I don't miss the pinstripes that much because of the quality look of the new uni's. I miss the pinstripes era ending, but I like the new look for the new franchise...


    Granger had his hands full last night...

    This was the scene most of the night. Might as well call them the Iverson 76'ers (as in 76 shot attempts per game). I admire his heart and ability, but I just don't like AI.

    Looks like I could benefit from some time spent doing whatever JT did in the offseason. He looks lean and mean! ...and I agree completely with the sentiment that it won't be anytime soon that Tinsley isn't our starting PG.

    Okay, okay...ONE comment. For all the bull***** calls last night, I could not believe Webber had the balls to offer this look regarding the officiating...What a WHINE-***!!

    Anybody else just love how Philly huddled up in the middle of the lane to mess with Artest as he was getting ready to try and tie the game?!

    Note to Iggy: This is what will happen when you **** Artest off.

    Gotta hand it to the kid, he didn't miss a beat the rest of the game, and still put ice on his head after the final buzzer. I bet he took a Tylenol the size of Rhode Island.

    I wish the pictures had been better. I just don't have time right now to Photoshop them before I post them....One disadvantage to sitting down low is that good pics are harder to get, by far. I always end up with a ton of great shots from club level...NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING!


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    Default Re: heywoode's pics from 76'ers @ Pacers

    Thanks, great pictures.

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    Default Re: heywoode's pics from 76'ers @ Pacers

    Thanks! Those are good pics.

    at the Iggy joke! HIS BUMP WAS FREEGIN HUGE!!! and the Iverson 76ers joke!

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    Default Re: heywoode's pics from 76'ers @ Pacers

    Thanks, they are really good!

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    Default Re: heywoode's pics from 76'ers @ Pacers

    Quote Originally Posted by heywoode
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    Hard hat guy with bowtie, tails, and......hard hat. I love this guy's enthusiasm!

    Thanks for the pics Heywoode!

    This has been mentioned before, but for anyone who missed it --- hard hat guy is Matt Asen. He owns restaurants in Florida. You sometimes see him at the Florida Pacer games as well. In one of his restaurants on Sanibel Island (and in maybe more places as well) he has a little Pacer shrine with P memorabilia. It's a pretty cool thing to see so far from home. I think I started seeing him during the Larry Brown era when we used to have season tix, although he might have been around before that.
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