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Thread: Question for our Pistons fans

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    and i was just kinding about thepistons thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreshPrince22
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    I'd say the biggest thing is that we don't put teams away. We get up 10-12 and coast untill it's close again. We rarely just blast teams. And we play down to the competition all the time.
    Thats definately true, particularly the latter.

    As said above, its really early to try and be specific for this season so I'll list some historical problems of the Pistons

    The Pistons have often been beaten by outside shooting as the perimeter defense is their weakest link as far as half court D. Sacramento in the not so recent past. The Spurs played inside out and tortured them with threes in the last finals and especially in the crucial times of game 7. The long rebounds also play against the Piston big men who are generally in position boxing out opponents.

    Concentrated glass efforts. The Pistons usually rely on winning the board war. The Sonics last year with two guys devoted to nothing but setting a single pick and hitting the boards gave them a lot of trouble. Getting rebounds hurts both Detroit's offense (that relied on being able to not shoot well but still have a solid points/possession numbers) and their defense (as of course offensive boards lead to very difficult to defend opportunities). Toronto also seems to be overly-successful on the glass against th Pistons and make games harder then they need to be. There is also a list thats, longer then you'd expect, of tall thin and below average or typically awkward centers that have career numbers versus the Pistons (too often to be coincidence).

    Tansition offense still hurts the Pistons. Even with mobile defenders a running game gets Detroit to work quick on offense which the Pistons are really only good at if it stems from their defense (long outlet passes). If the Celtics were equally as bad as us the other day with such a fast paced game, they would have blown us out (and still almost won the game). Getting the Pistons to play the both offense and defense quickly can open up opportunities offensively and can produce less then stellar offense on the Pistons part.

    McDyess is probably the worst of the 3 main big men at the pick and roll (and can be exploited), he's also prone to butter fingers. Chuancey can be beat by speed guards. RIP can be backed down. A combination of speed and strength can best Tayshaun as his lack of weight is hardest to cover up while he is in motion (Jefferson destroys Prince as he uses his speed to open opportunities to use his strength). Ben can be isolated so that even with all his athleticism he can't make up for a severe size difference (and of course if you can isolate him while he's on offense...). Rasheed can be hit or miss with outside shots (which you can goad him into), which crunch time defense (not just the Horry shot or even just the Blount shot last game), and having butter fingers in pressure moments running a play (particularly the first year in Detroit but aother times as well). Though there are definately times where steps up on all those instances so like I said, its hit and miss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoupIsGood
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    Why is all this directed at Kegboy?
    Cause I'm a no good, dirty hater?

    And, for the record, I knew it wasn't directed at me.
    Come to the Dark Side -- There's cookies!

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    Stopping dribble penetration (Quick point guards)
    In the past, mailing it in occasionally
    Last year - sucky bench, This year - ??
    Last year - long scoring droughts

    If they would have came to play every night last year, game seven could have been at the Palace. Other than that, I'm quite pleased with the team.

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