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    have to make this very quick. This is my first post since last Sunday as I just got back in town from Florida - (no I didn't go to the Pacers first two games) - for a little vacation. But I certainly watched each and every minute of the the Pacers first two games on a 47 inch HDTV. Wow once you watch a game in HD it is tough to go back to regular TV.

    Here are my very brief and random thoughts on the first two Pacers games. Keep in mind I have not read one word of what anyone else has posted since last Sunday.

    Let me start off with first things first. Damn it is good to have Ronnie back. For him he's played average in these two games. But when he's not on the floor the team suffers, and obviously the coaching staff notices that because Ron played 40 minutes in each game. Funny comments by the Magic announcers. When DG fouled I forget who, a somewhat hard fouled, David Steele screeched, "Artest with the hard foul" After he realized it was not Ronnie, he decided it was not too hard. Then latter Mattie Goukas, screeched, "bad shot" twice after threes by Ron. Mattie must not have realized there was either 1 or 2 seconds on the shot clock in each case.

    It wes great to see J.O hit several key shots in both of the games. Jamaal was also very good in the first two games. If only J.O and Tinsley can stay healthy, I don't mean stay in the lineup, I mean stay healthy, because when they are healthy they are both so much better.

    Clearly Tinsley is the pacers point guard as long as he is healthy, Saras will not beat T out at anytime.

    Let me say something about Saras. He showed us what he can do in the 1st half of the Heat game, but there were several times when I thought he should have passed the ball and his defense is very poor.

    Jax and Fred were OK, Cro was Cro, it is no fair he has to defend Shaq. Did Bender get hurt, I thought he played well in the first half at Orlando.

    Harrison - yes I know he missed all of training game, but was he bad or what in the Heat game. 4 turnovers and how many fouls.

    The strange thing is besides Tinsley, Ron, and J.O none of the other players played very well, and really Ron was only average.

    Let me end with two unrelated topics, Pacers offense and Granger.

    Granger is the rare rookie who helps the team just by being on the court, whether he scores or not.

    I suspect, most of you are happy with the pacers offense this season. I see more ball and player movement, and quite a bit less iso.

    Well I got to go.

    Edit: one other thing. I heard two seemingly sober callers, call in to a sports talk show this morning and suggest that Artest injured Shaq on purpose.

    2nd edit: Williams can't guard Tinsley, and Walker can't guard Ronnie

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    The "hard foul" you refer to was Granger running down Francis and stopping him from dunking. The Orlando announcers were pretty bad.

    Bender chose not to play against Miami due to soreness. He's a game time decision for tonight. Bball is seeking a special prosecutor to investigate.

    The vast majority of the board seems to think Cabbage has played adequate defense in the first two games. I'm glad to see somebody knows better.

    That's about it, except there's an epic debate going on the Entertainment board centering on if Office Space is one of the greatest movies of all time, with Picasso and Hemingway somehow being drawn into the din.

    Oh, and you missed Rat's Halloween Party redux thread, and my annual Pacemate poll. Both are must reads.
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    Welcome back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hicks
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    Welcome back!
    same here

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