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Thread: Owens involved in fight with Hugh Douglas

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    Default Owens involved in fight with Hugh Douglas

    Owens involved in fight with Hugh Douglas
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    Jay Glazer /
    Posted: 7 minutes ago

    The Terrell Owens' saga has taken perhaps its most absurd turn yet. While he was suspended for comments made on Thursday, that was not his most outrageous action of that day.

    Owens actually fought former Eagle Pro Bowl DE and current Eagles' ambassador Hugh Douglas in the team's rehab room late and then issued a challenge to fight several other teammates afterward. The Trenton Times first reported the story Sunday morning.
    NFL Week 9

    Those present told, while Owens was in the pool rehabilitating his injured ankle, Douglas came into the area and began to get on the outspoken wide receiver. The two jawed back and forth before, believe it or not, Owens got out of the pool and went to get his sneakers on in order to get traction to throw some blows.

    When he came back, with shoes on, Owens and Douglas started swinging. Douglas threw a shot, which missed, then Owens threw five or six punches and landed a couple.

    Several players, most getting treatment, tried to separate the pair but Owens started throwing those players off of him to get at Douglas again. Owens shed his teammates and kept going after Douglas before L.J. Smith got Douglas into another area. One swing by Owens was described as a shot that would have done major damage had it landed.

    The fight, which was deemed "unbelievable" by some present is just the latest tale in the bizarre soap opera that has been Terrell Owens' season. However, Owens' bizarre afternoon didn't end there.

    Following his fight with Douglas, a still-amped Owens walked into the locker room and issued a challenge to fight any player who wants to continue to talk behind his back. Although there were several players in the locker room, most believed his challenge was directed toward quarterback Donovan McNabb.

    Basically, Owens said, and this is to paraphrase, that anyone else who talks behind his back who wants to step up do it now, this is the time to take him on and he could handle it the way he did with Douglas. When nobody moved from their stools, Owens said something to the effect of, "That's what I thought" and walked out.

    This is not the first time Owens and Douglas got into a heated exchange although it's the first time punches were thrown. During training camp first reported that Owens and Douglas had a verbal altercation in an elevator with Donovan McNabb regarding the trio's tumultuous relationship. At the time, Douglas threatened to hit Owens but didn't follow through.

    On Saturday the team suspended Owens indefinitely and while the team has made no absolute decision on his future, several Eagles say they find it hard to believe he will ever re-join the team. However, head coach Andy Reid has not said this yet and some also believe that as long as he gives a true apology to McNabb and the team he may be allowed back. However, it's difficult to believe that Owens would conform to this.

    Terrell Owens will have to sit out today's game "for conduct detrimental to the team." (Rusty Kennedy / Associated Press)

    The team suspended him on Saturday for what they deemed "conduct detrimental to the team." According to sources, head coach Andy Reid wanted an apology from Owens publicly and then an apology to the team. Owens, sources say, was suspended because he couldn't conform with Reid's portion of the request to apologize to his team.

    The apology he was looking for were a direct result of comments he made regarding the team's lack of publicly recognizing his 100th career TD catch a couple of weeks ago.

    "I've had an opportunity to talk with the Eagles organization and I have learned that the team does not recognize individual achievements," Owens said in a prepared statement. "It has been brought to my attention that I have offended the organization and my teammates. Therefore, I would like to apologize for any derogatory comments toward them."

    The brawl with Douglas and the ensuing challenge to his teammates to another fight was just another incident that has "worn us all out" according to teammates. Several teammates truly like Owens and all respect his play but many others inside the locker room and organization are simply exhausted by the weekly soap opera that has become what seems like a scheduled distraction.

    Owens is expected to make in excess of $3.5 million in pay which means for every game the team suspends him without pay, he would lose more than $200,000 per week. The team may elect to go the Keyshawn Johnson route pay him to stay away.


    Shikes... I called this and then retracted it. Durn.
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    TO is a worthless piece of *****. He does not deserve to ever play in the NFL ever again. He is a disgrace to the league.

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