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Thread: Starting to believe in Cabbage.

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    Default Starting to believe in Cabbage.

    I really had serious doubts about Sarunas because of his poor defensive play. While you could recognize his offensive talents I thought we might be facing the one step forward two step back problem in Cabbage getting or assisting with a basket but then giving up two. Saw a better defensive awareness tonight and the man knows the flow of the game. Put me on the Cabbage bandwagon now. If we can get some consistency from SJax we won't have to ask where do we find another Reggie.
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    Default Re: Starting to believe in Cabbage.

    It was my first chance to see him and I thought he played solid. He did have a couple of breakdowns on D but overall he did fine considering it's not exactly his forte'. With more time he will be better as he learns and becomes more comfortable with Rick's team defense concept.

    One thing is for sure... The guy can shoot the ball. And he seems to have a knack for draining that mid-range floater. He made the wrong pass a couple of times but again I think that will come as his comfort level increases. He is definitely high energy and was a real spark in the 2nd quarter.

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    Default Re: Starting to believe in Cabbage.

    Seems like he likes passing it to Granger a lot. I think he is generally concerned with a lot of the team being able to catch his passes sometimes. But if he ever has Granger on a break that is where it's going.

    I love Cabbage and it was awesome how on TNT they said..."Forget Tinsley, J wil, and Payton. It's about Cabbage"

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    Default Re: Starting to believe in Cabbage.

    Plus did you see the play where Artest was guarding Wade? Wade spun into the lane dribbling and made multiple moves. Saras stuck his hand in there and got him. Wade got too fancy for his own good.

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