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    JO just said the "H" word!

    Question for Jermaine O'Neal | Nov. 3, 2005

    Q. What do you think it will be like when you walk on the court and realize that Reggie isn't going to be out there with you? Do you think it will be hard to play since you've always played with him? (From Kaitlin in New Palestine, Ind.)
    A. It's been accepted since last year that Reggie wouldn't be here. The transition has been really smooth and that's really a compliment to Reggie because he prepared the team by saying every week, 100 times a week, that he wasn't going to be around this year and we'd better be prepared to move on without him and guys accepted that. I don't think Reggie's name has been brought up one time in the locker room so far and that's a good thing. Guys have accepted that the great Reggie Miller is gone and we have to do what we have to do to pick up the slack. Stephen Jackson is a hell of a player and Freddie Jones is a hell of a player. They might not bring the clutch shooting that Reggie brought but they bring a lot of toughness and physical abilities.

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    Make sure you post links to the source.....

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