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Thread: Tickets March 30th

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    Default Tickets March 30th


    I will definitely be in Indy that day, and I would LOVE courtside tickets.

    I know there are several available around the resellers, but........

    I live in the UK and A: it aint easy to buy them from here (most ticket sites do not allow overseas buyers) AND IF something happens I need to be able to sell the tickets again without losing the money or to large a part of it

    I know you are my main contact there for this kind of job, please please pretty please
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    Default Re: Tickets March 30th

    I think I've used before. But it's been several years.

    Looks like they have tickets, with courtside going in the $400-$700 range.
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    Default Re: Tickets March 30th

    If you get seats in the correct side of the arena and give him a good pair of binocculars he'll have a great view of the Pacmeates. What else could a guy ask for?

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