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Thread: Chicago PD Mini Gathering & Orlando Game Report

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    Default Chicago PD Mini Gathering & Orlando Game Report

    I better post this before game time comes and the orlando game is old news.

    As Jay@Section204 let slip in the "Some positives" thread, I'm in Chicago working for the week, and we decided to meet up somewhere to watch the Orlando game. This marks the first time I met one of my "imaginary" friends from PD in person.

    First - the resemblance to Will Farrel. Well, let's just say I don't see it . Jay did say "I may look like Will Farrel, I'm just not funny like him." (I'm a sarcastic, beligerent, crumudgeon, so my response was to just look at him like he didn't say anything funny. I don't know if he understood that I was trying to play along. )

    I actually had a great time discussing the many topics we've covered on the board, including Mr. Boyle's presence, our mutual affection for Harrison, our eagerness to see Granger play, the dress code, the differences between college coaches and the pros, etc. etc.

    When Artest hit his first shot, my only response was "two points closer to redemption." Jay was silent. (And at the end of the game it was "one win closer to redemption," to which the response was something like "we have 81 more chances."

    Two great moments in the game: Saras hitting his first three. Both our eyes lit up on that one. The guy can put it up quick. Next, Granger's Big Block. I thought the foul call was the right call, Jay thought it was a clean play. But none of that matters. In that one moment, I got a glimpse of playoff style hard-nose basketball from a rookie on an already deep team. Welcome, Mr. Granger, I hope you stay a long, long while.

    One thing's for sure, both Jay and I might be "grumpy" but we'll both praise good play when we see it. I took note when Jay complimented Bender and even - gasp - Ron Artest.

    Unfortunately, I got quite a bit distracted in the second half as a couple of old friends of mine showed up, but this turned out to be a positive. They didn't know the game, and one friend started asking basic questions about the rules and about how to play the game in general. I attempted a bumbling response, but soon defered to Jay. That's when I was able to sit in on a back-to-basics 15 minute power-seminar on NBA basketball from a guy who knows his stuff. that was a treat.

    Anyway, the game wasn't actually all that exciting, but the company was great, and the win was great as well, because, you know, it was a win.

    Can't wait for tonight's game, now I just have to find a bar to watch it in.

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    Default Re: Chicago PD Mini Gathering & Orlando Game Report

    Nice Review...... Thanks Will...
    Ya Think Ya Used Enough Dynamite there Butch...

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