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Thread: Heat about to sign Latrell seriously, they are.

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    Default Re: Heat about to sign Latrell seriously, they are.

    And this little blurb from the Ben Maller site.

    The Heat vehemently denied an Internet report that it was on the verge of signing Latrell Sprewell. The free-agent swingman had attracted Heat interest in previous seasons, including when he was dealt from the Warriors to the Knicks. But Thursday's report caught the Heat by surprise and drew a swift rebuke. "I don't know anything about it," Van Gundy said. "That has not been anything that anyone has spoken to me about." Sprewell last season turned down a three-year, $21 million extension from the Timberwolves and since has been rejected in bids to sign with the Lakers and Nuggets.
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    Default Re: Heat about to sign Latrell seriously, they are.

    The Miami Herald today says the same thing:

    The Heat considered Spree months ago, decided it was NOT a good fit, moved on, and nothing has changed other than Spree and his agent getting desperate.

    Expect this NOT to happen.

    But the next time a playoff caliber team has a Nene-type season-ending injury to a SG/SF, expect his name to come up.

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