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Thread: Small Mark Boyle story on Full Court Press....

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    Default Small Mark Boyle story on Full Court Press....

    After playing a Mark and Slick clip of Artest hitting a 3, Jody Macdonald, who's hosting Kenny Smith's show today, said "You wanna hear a Mark Boyle story?"

    Apparently Jody Mac was doing overnights in NY in the late 80's and MB did the score updates. Jody said Mark was very smart and very sarcastic. He would do 3 or 4 score updates an hour. Apparently Jody thought it was pretty fun to take Mark's update scripts so he was forced to do them off of the top of his head.

    Mark would then do the 2 1/2 minute updates without missing a score or detail.

    Must've been impressive to have stuck with him for almost 20 years.

    Thought some of you may like hearing that little nugget.

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    Default Re: Small Mark Boyle story on Full Court Press....

    That is a nice little story!

    I found it quite enjoyable listening to them for one of the preseason games and even though they knew the mic's were still live during breaks, Mark was singing the songs the cheerleaders were dancing to.....

    He sings some mean KC & The Sunshine Band!


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