The playoff seedings in the AFC, at least to me, are already beginning to become clear. The Colts should be the #1, Steelers #2, Denver #3, and the Patriots #4. The #5 and #6 teams will be Jacksonville and Cincinnati.

Now, obviously I do not mean to presume anything. After all, the season isn't even half over yet for many teams. The Steelers or Broncos could rest away the top seed from the Colts by the end of the year. Anyway, if the seedings hold as I predict, the Patriots could very well be making a playoff appearance at the Dome in the divisional round. Now that will be a big game for the Colts pychologically.

I believe Monday night's game could serve a similar purpose psychologically for the Colts, but to a lesser degree. After all, a regular season win has less meaning and all the Colts know it.

That said, I believe the Colts are a better football team than the Patriots on paper, and they should win each and every game against the Patriots they play this football season. If it cannot be done this season, then the Pats really do own the Colts. Personally, I'm looking forward to two wins against the defending champs this year.