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Thread: What's this about?

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    Default What's this about?

    I was looking at the first game on my schedule, and for Lamar Odom it says:

    DNP: Not on Active Roster


    Says the same about Ben Wallace on the other team.

    Is this going to get fixed?

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    Should be - they're usually pretty quick with this stuff. I'm sure it will all be settled in the end, but I'm just as surprised by it as you are.

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    Default Re: What's this about?

    Odom was cut for "conduct determintal to winning" - he refused to read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" like Phil asked him to.

    Ben was suspended for the season after the league re-evaluated the penalties from the brawl.
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    Default Re: What's this about?

    New Orleans' schedule has been changed since Katrina (I assume). At least, the dates they're playing are different from both TSN's preseason mag and the site.

    I sent an e-mail to them about it. Generally these things get cleared up by the time the final scores get posted.
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    Default Re: What's this about?

    I have a few odd NOARs as well.

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