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Thread: Remember to set your line-ups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gyron
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    Sorry I should have listed all the info.

    FC - Primoz Brezec (CHA)
    FC - Steven Hunter (PHI)
    FC - Vladimir Radmanovic (SEA)
    Make sure to change the FCs at the top of your lineup to CF by going to the lineup page, clicking on the name, and selecting "switch position"

    Otherwise the computer will count these guys as forwards and then your C minutes won't be used, while the forwards later down in your lineup won't have their minutes used at all since 96 minutes is all you can have at F.

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    You should think about switching Wallace & Grant to CF's too.

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    Last year it seems like a half dozen guys at least never seemed interested enough to try to figure out the best way to set their lineups.

    I commend all the newbies for doing such a good job. At first glance most everybody seems to have put a fair amount of thought into their lineup-- a good sign that this will be a good season.

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