HA HA HA - Got ya!

No, we're not quite there yet. We only have about 100 picks to go & 4 days to get 'em done in. Still, I'd like to see us wrap this up before the weekend.

If you're going to be away you could toss a few extra guys on your list, send me some options for you when your select comes up or if nothing else at least post something here or on the forum letting us know why there is a delay in making a pick.

I got caught a couple times myself where my list was wiped out by the picks right in front of me. I thought I had things covered & you, yes, YOU!, you took my guy. Don't for one second think I'm gonna let that go either. Once the seasons starts you will be my personal Ned Beatty. Trust me, that little piggy didn't eat roast beef.

Sorry --- I'm better now.

And yes I know, most of us have jobs and families & I'll go as far to say some of us need a nap now & again.

I think we're doing alright!

Hang in there guys we're almost there.